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Below are some useful documents you can download to help you in your preparations for B2B 2022, from finding the right bike to how to eat properly on a long ride

Launch Briefing

If you missed out on our lauch session, or just want to review the info from the presentation, you can find the slides by clicking the link below

Training Plan

Group training rides start in the New Year.  

Our comprehensive training guide, which guarantees to get you from couch potato to Super Domestique in just 6 months, is now available by clicking the link below

Rider Briefing

Not able to get to one of our rider briefing sessions, or just want to review the info from the presentation?

Find the slides from last years presentation below

Bike Guide

Wondering whether your mountain bike is suitable for a 500 mile 4 day ride to Bordeaux? *  

Our very own Jon McGee has put together a simple guide to help you choose the right bike for you.  


*Answer: No.  It really isn't!

Long Ride Nutrition

You are what you eat, or so they say.  But this was never truer than on an endurance bike ride.

What you eat and when you eat, are key to your success and enjoyment on a long-distance ride like B2B.

Click the link below to read the thoughts of Oli Beckinsale, veteran (he won't like that word) of three olympics, multiple world championships,

Commonwealth silver medalist and 13 years as a Pro-cyclist, the boy knows a bit about preparation for big rides.

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