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Virtual B2B Event

Looking for a little more information about the Virtual Bristol to Bordeaux Challenge 2020?

You’ve come to right place. Whether you’ve already signed up or not, you might be wondering just how a Virtual B2B might work, so here’s a bit more detail to get your started.

We want all our cyclists who signed up to this year’s B2B to still have the chance to challenge themselves and ride the 500 or 300-mile distance you’ve been training and fundraising for. Luckily, you can still do the distance from the comfort of your own home or the familiar roads you know so well. Using your lockdown cycling activity, you can rack up the miles in the same way that you would on the 4-day ride to Bordeaux, but instead, you can cycle any route you like to reach your target.

Once you’ve ridden, you simply record your trips on our website to follow your ride on our Virtual B2B map. We’ll track your progress on our website and provide all the support and encouragement you need to get you over the line!

You can share your progress with your sponsors too, to help remind them that you’re still going the distance to raise money for a great cause, if not in more challenging circumstances than if you were riding it for real.

There are many ways you can cycle the miles for this virtual challenge:

o Get out on your bike and cycle as normal. If you are leaving home, always follow the current government guidelines on exercising and social distancing. We strongly suggest following a route that starts and finishes at your home and always let someone else know your route and expected return time.

o Stay indoors and use an indoor cycling set-up. If you are doing this, you can ride any route, but we would highly recommend downloading our actual Bristol to Bordeaux Cycle Challenge route files and using those. You can find them on the route page of the website.

o Use an exercise bike, indoors or in your garden!

No matter how you clock up the miles, once you’ve done some cycling, you’ll need to enter the distance you have covered on our website here This will update your progress on the interactive route map.

To sign-up, just visit the registration page and complete the short form. If you already have a sponsorship page setup, enter its URL; if you don't, click the link on the registration page to create one and you’re off!

As soon as you’re registered you can start the event. Your target is to complete the distance before Saturday 4th July when we would have completed the actual Bristol to Bordeaux 2020 Cycle Challenge. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Good luck!

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