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Virtual B2B

Virtual B2B?

In common with many sporting and charity events, as a result of the restrictions placed on us all by the Coronavirus pandemic, we are having to cancel our Bristol to Bordeaux Cycle Challenge for 2020.

But we want all our cyclists who signed up to this year’s B2B to still have the chance to challenge themselves and ride the 500 or 300-mile distance you’ve been training and fundraising for.

So, in the spirit of Lockdown and social-distancing, we have created the Virtual B2B ride!

You can start your Virtual B2B challenge as soon as you register

Your challenge will finish as soon as you complete your selected ride distance.

B2B offers a choice of 500 mile Extreme or 300 Mile Classic and our virtual event is no different.  Just choose the distance that suits you.

The target is to complete your selected ride distance by Saturday 4th July, the day B2B 2020 would have arrived at its Bordeaux finish.

The ride was created as an alternative for all those who were due to take part in the B2B ride in July, but the virtual event is open is open to anyone who wants to take part.


Using their lockdown cycling activities, riders can still acheive their virtual B2B ride, whether on their actual bike, the turbo trainer or even an exercise bike. Riders can record their trips on our website and track their progress along our Virtual B2B route map, all the way to Bordeaux.


To find out more about how the ride works and for inspiration of how to get your miles in, check out our blog.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up!   

      Register your participation in the ride on our Registration page

  2. Start riding!

      You can get out there and go for an actual cycle, use the home cycling          set-up in your 'pain-cave' or even on an exercise bike, the choice is yours


  3. Enter your ride distances using our Record my Ride form 


  4.  Keep up to date by tracking your progress and that of your fellow riders         on our Interactive map

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